tree-cutting-service-costsWhen it comes to tree cutters and pruning service costs, everyone wants a “low price” estimate.¬† But do you truly know what you will be getting for your hard-earned dollars in that estimate?

As with most improvement projects around your home or business, you always have to consider – do you want a “cheap job” or a professional service that will get the entire job done right the first time.

We review tree surgeons and arboricultural contractors in your area.

We look at the expertise and offer advice on all tree cutting, tree trimming, and stump removal services in your local region.

What is a Tree Surgeon?

A tree surgeon the person that climbs the tree and “surgically” removes branches without damaging the rest of the tree. However, there is a difference between a tree surgeon and an arborist – with the latter often referred to as a “tree doctor”, even though it doesn’t quite accurately capture the profession.

The main difference is education, but tree cutters are still able to solve many of your problems when it comes to the trees around your property. Nowadays, tree surgeons adhere to many health and safety regulations. Everyday gear includes safety harnesses and equipment like hard hats, gloves, boots, and trousers.

If you’ve got broken branches or dead branches on a tree, a tree surgeon will go up there to remove it and lower it to the ground safely – making it safe for any members of the public walking beneath the tree.

How do Tree Surgeons Climb Trees?

Before climbing a tree, some preparation is necessary.

tree-ropingMost often, a rope climbing system is securely attached to the tree that offers the tree surgeon some load-bearing anchor points, much like rock climbing.

Once in place, the tree surgeon is free to move up and down the tree with the necessary equipment.

Other trees may be unstable due to years of neglect and rot.

Ropes can be attached to diseased trees to offer additional stability before any work can be done. When trees are too weak to climb, so an elevating platform and a crane may be put in place. Once the tree has been secured, the tree surgeon proceeds to reduce the stress on the tree with precision cuts.

Tree cabling

Tree cabling is often employed to save a tree instead of cutting it down. Cables are attached around a tree with areas of decay, a split trunk, one with awkward branching habits, a tree with a poor root system, or any tree that’s simply at risk of structural failure.

Tree cabling can prevent large limbs, trunks, or entire trees from crashing down and causing damage to your property or people who walk underneath it.

Why Invest in a Tree Service

Investing in a professional tree service is essential for maintaining the health and safety of the trees on your property. While it may be tempting to choose the lowest-priced estimate, it’s crucial to consider the quality of work and expertise provided by tree surgeons and arborists. By reviewing and comparing local tree service providers, you can make an informed decision and ensure that your trees receive the best possible care.

Tree surgeons are skilled professionals who specialize in climbing trees and removing branches safely and efficiently. Equipped with the necessary safety gear and following strict health and safety regulations, they ensure that trees are maintained and cared for without posing risks to the public or property. With techniques such as rope climbing systems, elevating platforms, and cranes, tree surgeons can tackle even the most challenging trees.

Moreover, tree cabling offers an alternative to tree removal for trees with structural issues, helping to preserve their health and prevent potential damage. By choosing a qualified and experienced tree service provider, you can ensure that your trees receive proper care and attention, contributing to a safe and visually appealing environment around your home or business. So, when selecting a tree service, remember that a professional approach, expertise, and quality work should be your top priorities for maintaining the health and beauty of your trees.