Local Arborist Services Cost

An arborist specializes in the practice of arboriculture. This includes the study of all trees as well as their management.

arborists-costsArborist focuses on the cultivation of individual trees, shrubs, and vines, as well as other perennial woody plants.

They spend years receiving specific training and tend to specialize in the health and safety of individual plants and trees.

Arborists also mainly care for individual trees, often on private property, rather than managing whole forests.

So, although the professions share much in common, the scope of work is somewhat different than that of an active forester, logger, or the average tree felling expert.

How Dangerous is Being an Arborist?

Arboriculture is among the most dangerous “legal” jobs in the U.S. It cannot be understated that hazardous tree removal and the care surrounding it actually is. Despite all the safety equipment and measures that form a standard part of this type of work, injuries and fatalities number in the thousands every year. Arborists encounter heights, falling limbs, slippery conditions, sharp equipment, and electrical wires on a daily basis. Any break in concentration can lead to costly and life-threatening mistakes.

What Type of Arborist Do I Need?

Many types of professionals are involved in arboriculture. However, when you’re in need of some tree stump removal, an arborist is not exactly the type of professional you need.

The services an arborist provides can be divided into two broad categories:

Certified Arborists

Certified arborists can, among other things, provide some of the following services:

tree-surgeonPruning – An arborist can determine what type of pruning is necessary for any specific type of tree. They are able to ensure that any type of tree species in your local region is maintained for improved health, appearance, and safety.

Tree cutting – Arborists are able to determine the health of a tree and what steps can be taken to save it when in poor condition. Under some circumstances, and as determined by a Certified Arborist, cutting down a tree may be your only option.

Tree planting – Certified arborists are able to recommend the best species appropriate for your location as well as offer the best care.

Emergency care – When an emergency arises, a certified arborist can take emergency action in a safe manner. Should the tree need removal, an arborist can ensure this is done with the least amount of hassle and with the least amount of damage to your property.

Plant care – Some tree species require regular maintenance. Certified arborists ensure trees remain in good health by regular pruning, monitoring any insect infestations and disease as well as other problems around the site of the tree that may negatively affect it.

Consulting Arborists

A consulting arborist does not necessarily do the physical work of pruning and cutting. They differ from practicing arborists in that they are consultants. Instead, they offer decision making about trees such as multiple alternative solutions to cutting them down. They are the authoritative experts on trees that bring an objective viewpoint to the table and serve:

  • property owners
  • municipalitiestree-arborist-costs
  • contractors
  • attorneys
  • insurance professionals
  • landscape architects
  • developers
  • engineers
  • other arborists and more…

How Much Will an Arborist Cost?

Depending on the type of work and size of the tree(s) in question, the cost will change. Equally, your regional location, as well as the accessibility of the tree, are some of the factors that can influence the overall

Average Arborist Prices

 Low Cost $80
Ave mid-range cost $985
High cost $5,000

Arborist Consultation

Should you require consultation from an arborist, the initial inspection may cost between $80 to $160. If you require a full report on the situation, you could be looking at anywhere from $350 to $700.

Arborist Sevice Costs

Below is a breakdown of the services and related costs an arborist can provide.

Service Average Cost
Deep root fertilization $105 – $385
Tree cabling $210 – $415
Tree trimming $80 – $1,100
Tree removal $400 – $2,100+

consulting-arboristDeep root fertilization treatments involve making holes and applying fertilizer to the roots so that it promotes healthy growth.

Cabling, on the other hand, helps to brace a tree and keep it aligned so that it can experience the correct type of growth.

However, when it comes to tree trimming costs especially, be sure to get in touch with your local arborist for a direct estimate.

Choosing an Arborist

Although arborists receive various certifications to prove their specialization or chief skills, they do not require licensing to perform any work.

This can make it tricky to find a reliable one.

You absolutely have to compare estimates from at least three arborists in your local region if you are to find one best suited to your specific needs and unique requirements.