Tree Cutting Services Cost

Sometimes large branches hanging from the trees around your property can become problematic.

fallen-damaged-tree Falling branches can present a real danger to those passing under the tree, especially when the wind is howling outside.

Moreover, cutting trees can be a dangerous job.

Nowadays, tree-cutting services are easy to come by, and comparing quotes on some tree cutting service costs from professionals near you is quick and easy.

How Dangerous is Tree Cutting?

If you have a tree that needs some cutting, you’ve probably considered doing it yourself.

Just to gain some perspective, consider the fact that arborists and other tree surgeons cut down trees and stumps for a living.

However, despite the many safety precautions, many people are injured every year, and some even have fatal accidents, in the line of duty.

Not all trees require the aid of a professional and an experienced DIYer can perform this job, but tree felling is extremely dangerous.

Most of the accidents that occur during tree cutting stem from the tools and equipment. Some of the tools used by tree cutting services include:

  • axestree-sawing
  • chainsaws
  • log splitters
  • crosscut saws
  • wood chippers
  • stump grinders

Although many of the tools are freely available but require a degree of skill and experience to operate safely. One small loss of concentration or a momentary distraction could end in disaster when you are cutting trees.

This is partly why it’s always recommended to get in touch with local experts to discuss all your options and compare local tree cutting service costs.

How Much Do Tree Cutting Services Cost?

Before you go ahead and cut down a tree, most people consult with an arborist on alternate ways of dealing with the problem. However, sometimes you have no choice. Prices will differ depending on your regional location and the only way to figure out what your tree cutting service costs are by actually reaching out to professionals near you and comparing their estimates.

Average Tree Cutting Costs

Remember that many factors can contribute to affecting the overall price of tree cutting service costs. Below is an average cost to consider:

Low cost $195 
Ave mid-range cost $748
High cost $2,100+

Regional Tree Cutting Cost

 Here are some national estimates reported by consumers. Remember, this is not a quote. We highly recommend comparing estimates from local tree surgeons.

City Typical Cost
Asheville $585-$935
Austin $495-$875
Charlotte $575-$925
Chicago $530-$850
Dallas $335-$610
Denver $328-$665
Houston $483-$727
Las Vegas $300-$550
Los Angeles $645-$1,100
New York City $755-$1,125
Portland $487-$755
San Antonio $580-$1,050
San Diego $505-$718
San Francisco $790-$1,325
San Jose $605-$940
Seattle $555-$825
Washington D.C. $257-$717

Tree Cutting Costs by Height

Naturally, one of the biggest determining cost factors is the size of the tree. Here are some average estimates to consider:

Tree Height Tree Cutting Estimate
20ft. $195-$315
30ft. $235-$455
40ft. $425-$710
50ft. $485-$1,100
60-80ft. $794-$1,600
80-100ft+ $950-$2,100+

Tree Cutting Cost by Type

Depending on the type of tree you want to cut down, don’t just settle for the first, cheapest quote you receive. Below is a price range to consider per tree:

Pine $225-$1,565
Palm $225-$1,565
Oak $200-$2,050
Maple $200-$2,50
Ash $250-$1,850
Cedar $250-$1,575
Magnolia $375-$500
Oak $585-$1,000
Sycamore $575 -$1,000
Conifer $800-$1,100
Maple $1,000-$1,700
Eucalyptus $1,200-$3,000

Additional Tree Cutting Costs

As with any type of project of this nature around your property, there are several factors that can influence the overall cost of a tree cutting service.

tree-felling-expertIf it’s an emergency, you are likely to pay anywhere between $50 to $100 more.

If you are in a remote region, or you fall outside of the tree cutting service’s normal range, you could be charged additional fees.

Equally, a tree that is in a hard-to-reach space might incur additional charges.

A tree with more than one trunk, one that’s at an angle, or one that’s standing near structures may require additional considerations which can ultimately affect your bottom line.

How To Save Money on Tree Cutting Services Costs

When considering some of the abovementioned costs, there are still some actions you can take to ensure you minimize the costs and maximize your savings.

tree-cutting-service-near-meFor example, never leave a problematic tree for too long. The faster you cut it down, the less likely it is to cause more damage to your property.

Calling for a tree cutting service before it’s an emergency will also help you save on emergency callout fees and more.

If someone is going to be visiting your property to cut down a tree, you can also prepare the site.

Make sure they have unobstructed access. Remove any debris around the tree base and anything that could possibly slow down the whole process.