Tree Trimming Services Cost

Trees require some attention from time to time if they are to remain in good condition.

arborist-trimming-palm-treeThe care your tree enjoys determines its shape, strength, and how long it will last.

Tree trimming services costs can vary based on numerous factors. There are also different types of trimming methods that will change the way cost is calculated.

However, when it comes to this type of project, many people naturally consider doing the work without the help of a professional service. It pays to weigh up your options and determine whether or not a tree trimming service will be worth your while.

When is the Best Time to Trim a Tree?

Remember that there is a difference between tree trimming and tree pruning. Typically, a tree’s trimming cycle is 3 to 5 years, whereas pruning occurs at least every 2 years.  The best time to trim is usually between the changing leaves in fall and flower blooms of spring. This means that you will be promoting the tree’s health by trimming during the dormant season.

In some cases, a tree cutting service might be needed if a tree has been neglected for too long. It’s always recommended to talk to your local arborist even if you are not sure you will be needing any help when the time comes.

DIY vs. Hire a Trimming Service

Without the right equipment, necessary experience, and proper safety precautions in place, tree trimming can be extremely dangerous – even deadly. And if you have a tree reaching to about 60 ft., don’t even consider a DIY job. This is not purely due to the level of danger involved, but also the type of equipment needed, which can be quite expensive.

A reputable tree trimming service will already owns all the equipment and materials necessary to get the job done, so unless you are prepared to spend hundreds of dollars per day, go with a  pro.

Equipment Costs & Fees

If you insist not hiring a professional to save on tree trimming service costs, some of the equipment you might need includes:

  • Heavy-duty gas tree trimmer rental: $48-$52+ per day
  • Hand-held pruners and loppers: $30-$55
  • Safety equipment: $50-$150
  • Gas pole pruner: $150-$325
  • Dumping fees: $25-$100

How Much Do Tree Trimming Services Cost?

Maintenance trimming usually involves the removal of dead, dying, diseased, or crossing branches of a certain diameter.

Tree-Trimming-Services-Cost Proper trimming improves the tree’s overall health, appearance, and structure of the tree while it can also open up your property and improve the view.

There are several things that will affect the price. The most important ones include crown spread, accessibility, the tree’s diameter at breast height( or DBH), and history of maintenance.

Crown spread

The average horizontal width of the canopy of trees with large crown spreads is over 40 feet. These will naturally cost more than a species with a smaller crown spread.


Trees that can be easily accessed will cost less than trees that are hard to reach. When a tree is close to a house, it may be difficult to access and require extra equipment. This leads to higher prices. When a tree is within 10 feet of the power line the law requires that the powerlines be dropped in order to keep everyone safe. This line drop is generally coordinated by the tree company and can also affect the overall cost.

How To Determine The Cost of Tree Trimming

One of the main factors in determining the price for every type of tree service, no matter whether it is for trimming or tree removal, is the diameter at breast height (DBH). A tree with a larger DBH will cost more to prune when compared to a tree that has been well taken care of on a regular basis.

hedge-trimmingAlso, keep in mind that trees that have not been trimmed in their lifetime will have more dead and crossing branches compared to the ones that have been pruned in the last three to five years.

Once every three to five years is a good investment and will cost significantly less to prune than a tree that never gets a trim.

Tree Trimming Cost

Tree trimming costs generally come in anywhere between $200 and $800.  For trees of 60 ft+, and depending on some other factors, you can pay as much as $2,000. Don’t be put off by this high price tag, however. On average, tree trimming costs come in at around $475.

If your tree is smaller (less than 30 ft), you can expect to pay anywhere from as little as $75 to $400. 

Size of the Tree

30 ft. Russian Olive, Dogwood $75-$450
30-60 ft. Crab Apple trees $150-$875
60 ft.+ Red Oak, Pine $200-$1,800+


In conclusion, tree trimming is essential for maintaining a tree’s health, appearance, and longevity. Costs vary based on factors like tree size, trimming method, and accessibility. While DIY trimming is an option, it can be dangerous and costly without proper equipment and experience. Professional tree trimming services provide safety and expertise, making it a worthwhile investment for the well-being of your trees.